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FRED ARMISEN: “I was staying at somebody’s house in Olympia, Washington, and this guy said to me, ‘Hey, do you want to hear the best music ever?’ And, of course, I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ You know, like, ‘Knock yourself out.’

“He put on Call The Doctor, which was a couple of albums before The Hot Rock, and it really was indeed the best music I’d ever heard. ‘What is this?’ I said, because I just had to know what this great music was. It goes without saying that I became an immediate Sleater-Kinney fan.

“I listened to The Hot Rock in a very unhealthy way – all the way through, all the time. There wasn’t one second of the album I didn’t know. I just loved the whole thing. I was moving to LA, so I drove there and listened to the record the whole way down. And once I got there, I kept listening to it.”

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